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Tour De Force
Audio Media International Magazine— Lance Wascom, CEO of Tour Supply explains how its innovative new automated playback system that has already been used by several big-name acts “fills an otherwise unoccupied industry niche.”
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Playback Control Show Synchronization
Mix Magazine — Live Show Automation Timed Perfectly From One Rig
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Covering Your Tracks
Front of House Magazine — Diners should sometimes be cautioned against looking into the kitchen of a restaurant they plan to eat in. So it goes with live music shows: the audience comes to be entertained, not edified. There is no need to look behind the proscenium curtains to see how the tour sausage is made...
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Tour Supply opens new facility for Playback Control — Live sound products and services company Tour Supply has announced the opening of Nashville headquarters for its Playback Control system in partnership with audio designer, programmer and drum/keyboard tech Viggy Vignola...
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Mötley Crüe rocks a Playback Control rig
ProSystems — By November of 2014, Mötley Crüe’s epic ‘Final Tour’ was attended by over 1.3 million people. Throughout the band’s 158-show journey across six continents, they relied on a custom-configured rig by Playback Control to automate each performance’s audio, video, pyro, MIDI effects, and lighting....
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Live, But Not Live — Playback Control, a music tech company based in Nashville, has introduced what it considers to be a step forward in live reproduction of studio tracks....
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Digital Performer on Tour: PlaybackControl
From MOTU News:

Many touring acts use MOTU hardware and software for live playback. For NAMM 2013, MOTU showed off a system that is put together by PlaybackControl, in partnership with legendary road technician Viggy Vignola. Viggy has worked with artists as diverse as Whitney Houston, Chicago and Korn. Viggy's "day job" is running the playback rig for the Mötley Crüe band. Viggy was kind enough to lend the actual Mötley Crüe playback rig to demonstrate at the MOTU booth. The "Viggy rig" is a road case with two laptop computers running DP8, four MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid interfaces, and a Radial Technologies SW8 switcher.

Viggy also provided the actual Mötley Crüe show file for Digital Performer. For the Mötley Crüe show, DP is playing back click tracks and slate tracks to the band monitors, additional percussion and sound effects to front of house, and time code, which is used to control video, lights, mechanized staging, and pyro. In the on-stage demo, MOTU played back the show file while synchronized to a video clip of the band playing live. NAMM audiences heard just the playback tracks, and then the full mix. The video highlighted the synchronized lighting and pyro displays on stage.

This portion of the NAMM demo showcased how Digital Performer is unmatched in features and reliability for use in the most demanding live concert conditions. Thanks to PlaybackControl and Mötley Crüe. Many thanks to Viggy Vignola!

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