Installations Inc. is your “low-volt” One Stop Shop! We can seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate many subsystems into a very stable and easy to use interface. We can be your single source for audio, video, computer networks, surveillance systems, lighting, live sound, fiber-optic, internet service provider, phone systems, point of sale, and control systems! We save you time and money by consolidating multiple components into a single solution….one vendor, one invoice, one great partner for your commercial or residential installation!

Check out our Projects page to see some of the work we’ve done for our clients.

Computer Networks

We offer small and medium sized Networks for your business or residence. We work with your team on the design and integration of all hardware and wiring. We use hardware from trusted partners such as Cisco and Ubiquiti. We’ve deployed networks for hotels, restaurants, live music venues, and corporate offices. Our team can run and repair fiber-optic cable as well. Need speed? We are a Comcast reseller for fiber and internet. We can offer gigabit service for larger scale networks.



We are well versed in commercial A/V. We prefer to work with premier brands such as Sony, Samsung, JBL, Tannoy, B&W, Martin Logan, and the like. We are very adept at designing and integrating tv’s, projection, video walls, background music, streaming audio and video, as well as custom video solutions and content. We can provide “out of the box” solutions for video and audio switching (matrixes) that will give your av system both stability and ease of use. Case study: We recently re-engineered a custom solution for Buffalo Wild Wings to change content on 64 TV’s and projectors throughout their facility. Their staff has been incredibly grateful for the upgrade and said that “their system has never been easier to operate.” This is what we strive for…we want your business or residence to look and sound amazing yet be VERY easy to use!


Control Systems

We offer incredibly easy to use interfaces for control. Let us combine you’re a/v, surveillance cameras, HVAC, streaming audio, cable/satellite tv, lighting and/or other subsystems into a single interface. Our control systems can work via wall-mounted displays, hand-held remotes, or on your own smart phone via wifi! Check your cameras from 1000 miles away, lower your air conditioning, 2 hours before you get home, change a tv for a guest of your restaurant while you’re standing next to them, or start a Pandora stream throughout your entire home or business…we make these things a reality for our clients on a daily basis. Most importantly, you never need an electrical engineering degree to operate them! We make it incredibly easy for you and/or your staff!


ISP Services

Comcast high speed internet is available from Installations Inc. We can provide both fiber or traditional services offering gigabit speed or better! The best part is you only have one vendor to call. There’s no 800 number to dial and wait. You call us and we handle everything. Need fiber or Ethernet run throughout your business? No problem. We can handle building your network infrastructure while getting your pipeline to the internet in place at the same time. Have a service outage? You will call us. Our techs will help get you back online and, if necessary, we handle any work orders directly with Comcast on your behalf.



We offer both theatrical and commercial lighting systems. For your live music venue, we use Martin, High End, Elation, Chauvet, and Philips Color Kinetics. For commercial lighting, we primarily use Philips and Convergent Systems. We can program “scenes” for your venue or restaurant for either different times a day or for special event. We love to work with your designer to help bring their vision to life! We also work closely with Lutron lighting which can be integrated via our control systems.


Live Sound

We love live sound. This is our background. We have significant experience in this industry. We have great relationships with some of the biggest and best audio manufacturers in the world including JBL (Harman) and Meyer Sound, to name a few. Check out a few of our live sound systems at a City Winery near you! We’ve completed the Napa, Nashville, and Atlanta venues and are currently working on a few new ones! Grays on Main (Franklin, TN) and Almost Famous (Nashville, 2nd & Broadway) are a few other live music venues that we’ve installed.


Phone Systems

We offer commercial phone systems and programming from NEC and Epygi. We can do both traditional phone systems or VOIP, in conjunction with high speed internet that we can provide via Comcast. Only one exception, you only call us….not Comcast. We handle everything for you from start to finish!


Point of Sale Systems

We sell REVEL point of sale systems which is quietly becoming one of the top POS providers in the country. Both cost-effect and incredibly easy to use and program makes Revel a smart choice for small and medium sized business and chains. If you prefer another POS system, we can provide the network infrastructure to hook it up!


Surveillance Systems

Cameras, NVR’s, Motion detection, and facial recognition….we can take your surveillance as far as you need it to go. We can integrate your cameras with elegant control systems, allowing you to access your live and recorded content any time….from anywhere! We work with Flir, Hikvision, and Intelli-Vision, trusted manufacturers with high quality products.